Camp Cabins

Established in 1936, the YBRA geology field camp offers accommodations in cabin-style dorms and multi-person cabins nestled in the pines and quaking aspen on the slopes of Mount Maurice at 6,800 ft above Red Lodge, Montana. Two wash houses serve as shared bathroom facilities with toilets and hot showers for camp guests. Six cabins with fantastic views and bathrooms are typically available for faculty and guest speakers. Cabins are scattered on the sloped terrain surrounding the Fanshawe Lodge. This main lodge houses the camp kitchen and dining hall, where all meals are served. In early summer you can often find the fire roaring inside, or sit on the back porch to enjoy a beautiful sunset or watch the hummingbirds feed. In summer, nights are generally cool (35º-65º) and days warmer (65º-95º). In 2023 the historic and distinctly western buildings that make up the YBRA campus were recognized for their significance when they were placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

YBRA facilities are available to undergraduate, graduate, and other educational groups with a geological, environmental or other scientific focus of research.

Some of our current guests include Pennsylvania State University (PSU), University of Houston, and Southern Illinois University (SIU) field geology summer programs, as well as the Elevation Science Institute (ESI) paleontology program.

Returning institutions schedule usage of Camp facilities each year; new users can be accommodated as the YBRA events schedule allows. Please consult the Schedule page for additional details and contact our current President (rhfifarek@gmail.com) for confirmation of potential openings.

Rates & Terms

The current YBRA rates are available below. A user “day” constitutes an overnight stay with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All rates are subject to change without notification; please contact our current President (rhfifarek@gmail.com) for scheduling and confirmation.

Once approved by the YBRA Board, a terms contract will be made available. Every YBRA user must complete and sign this document before arrival.

This is a generic list. Individual camp programs will have their own suggested packing list, but this general list might be helpful as you plan your stay at the YBRA!

Sleeping bag
Headlamp/ flashlight and extra batteries

Day pack
Water bottle
Sun hat
Insect repellant
Durable field clothing
Comfortable clothing for nights in camp
Warm layers for nights, especially for early season stays
Durable field shoes for field trips and walking around camp
Rain gear
Toiletries including shampoos, soap
Personal medications and first aid supplies
Shower shoes

The YBRA campus is located on Mount Maurice at 6,800 ft above the town of Red Lodge, Montana. Temperatures in camp will be cooler than in town (elevation 5,588 ft). Laundry facilities are in the town of Red Lodge, so most programs do not do laundry more than once a week on days off. All cabins at the YBRA have electricity, but not heat. Cabins are shared dorm style accommodations and there are two shared wash houses with toilets and warm showers for guest use.

Be sure to check in with your course program for specifics as you might have outdoor camping stays or a need for field specific equipment like a Brunton compass, field notebook or a rock hammer for your specific course!

The YBRA is a non-profit organization that was established in 1936 to "further fundamental geological science and the training of students under exceptionally favorable conditions."

YBRA conducts geology and other applied field science in the northern Rocky Mountains of Montana and Wyoming.

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