YBRA 2015 has begun

On June 1st students from the University of Houston and Montclair State University in New Jersey, arrived at YBRA.   There are about 50 students and faculty. The weather had been great and everything is going smoothly.  We had a visit from a mountain lion on May 20th before students arrived. We have a wild … Read more

It’s here!

  This week will start the opening of camp for 2015. The snow is gone and the early spring flowers are blooming. Winter was kind here this year, with the exception of some damaging winds. The snow pack seams a little low and Howell Gulch, our water source,  is only a trickle. Water will be … Read more

YBRA 2014 season

   The 2014 year at YBRA is shortly coming to a close. There were some great students and faculty here this season, we saw two sessions from the University of Houston, Penn State was here for a week, Southern Illinois University was here and Professor Eric Ferre made the YBRA staff a great French dinner … Read more