A year later, a life changing event, by Sonia Ellison, YBRA 2014

Last year at this time, I was just beginning one of the greatest experiences of my life- geology field camp with SIU Carbondale. I lived in the mountains of Montana (and Idaho and Wyoming) for six weeks. I studied and mapped fascinating geology and realized a life-long passion, and when I wasn’t, I was hiking (more!) and enjoying the legendary wildness of the West. I spent every day with amazing people, some who have become life-long friends. I fell asleep with campfire smoke in my hair and the wild mountain air in my spirit. This was a time I will treasure for my whole life and feel very grateful to have had. Thank you, to everyone, to the land, to the great spirit of this place. 

 2014 SIU group
2014 SIU group

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The YBRA is a non-profit organization that was established in 1930 to "further fundamental geological science and the training of students under exceptionally favorable conditions."

YBRA conducts geology and other applied field science in the northern Rocky Mountains of Montana and Wyoming.

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