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Montana Fly Fishing Adventure - August 21st - 25th, 2023

Experience the thrill of catching cutthroat, rainbow, and brown trout on 3 of Montana’s world renown fly fishing rivers – the Stillwater, Yellowstone and Bighorn!  Spend 4 days fishing with experienced local guides and stay at the picturesque YBRA historic campus in the Beartooth Mountains just outside of Red Lodge, Montana,  Proceeds will be used to support the Earth science education and research mission of YBRA .

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As always, visitors such as potential clients, YBRA alumni or other interested parties who wish to tour the camp should contact YBRA in advance either via phone, 815-790-0288 or via email at creasy6@gmail.com.   


We hope this note finds you well!  As 2022 comes to a close and we approach the holidays, you are likely aware that the last three years have been exceptionally challenging for the Yellowstone Bighorn Research Association. The YBRA successfully dealt with the COVID pandemic, the Robinson Draw Fire that burned to within 1,000 feet of our campus, and the record floods that severely damaged Red Lodge and rendered the YBRA bridge over Rock Creek impassable for most of the 2022 season.  We are grateful for heroic efforts by many amazing people that enabled us to work through these disasters. 

However, there has been a price to pay in both financial and human resources: 

In this season of giving, we ask you to please consider making an extra special donation to the YBRA to help us to address our financial shortfalls to recover and grow. To donate visit ybra.org/donate

We also ask you to consider helping us find motivated and talented people to join us in roles on the Board of Directors, Advisory Board, and camp operations.  (We are in special need of cooks and kitchen staff now that our long-time Head Cook and Kitchen Manager, Jeanette Rhinehart, has retired.) If you have an interest yourself or a referral, please contact Rich Fifarek at rhfifarek@gmail.com or on his mobile at (618) 559-7875.

YBRA is a special resource in the world of earth science education.  It is heart-warming to hear the enthusiasm of YBRA alumni as they tell of their life changing experiences attending field camp in the inspirational setting of our campus on Mount Maurice. In our next note prior to January 1st, we will hopefully be sharing some exciting news and more specifics about our 2023 plans. Please help us continue to provide this educational experience for generations to come by supporting the YBRA financially or as a volunteer.

Thank you and happy holidays from the YBRA Board of Directors and Management,

John Weber, Rich Fifarek, Jinny Sisson, Rik Williams, Jason Schein, Greg Creasy

Building Bridges to the Earth

YBRA is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization that owns and operates a field station near Red Lodge, MT providing access for Earth Science courses and researchers to the diverse geological and ecological natural laboratory of the region.

Since our founding in 1936, we have played a vital role in the education of over 7,000 university students. For many, this experience was transformative and critical to launching successful careers in government, academia, and the resource and environmental industries.

Annually, YBRA hosts 6 – 8 universities, a paleontological institute, and a variety of other groups totaling over 350 participants.

Educational Research in the Field

We also sponsor professional and community-centered symposia, workshops, seminars, and open houses. Our annual YBRA Symposium features leaders in their field who discuss current issues in Earth Science and industry.

YBRA has a long and exceptional legacy in supporting geoscience education. In celebration of our 80th anniversary, we launched a “Building Bridges” fund raising campaign to enhance and expand the educational experience of students.

We invite you to discover YBRA, get involved, and join us in empowering future generations of geoscientists.

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The YBRA is a non-profit organization that was established in 1936 to "further fundamental geological science and the training of students under exceptionally favorable conditions."

YBRA conducts geology and other applied field science in the northern Rocky Mountains of Montana and Wyoming.

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